Girl Wears Lighter As Earring, Instantly Regrets It

Picture the scene: you’re getting ready to go on a night out, your outfit’s been decided but you just need that something extra to top it off.


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And you can’t just go for a bog-standard necklace or a chunky ring; no, you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd and show people that you mean business.

Something like a pair of earrings that double up as a lighter perhaps, which is what one girl decided on recently when she wore exactly that to a party. Yep, really.




The girl and her friend were wearing the inventive creation at a party when people started to take advantage of the easy-to-access lighters.

When one boy lit the cigarette in his mouth using one of the girls’ double use earrings, her pal decided to get in on the action by lighting her own earring/lighter.




Except, the result was not the same as her mate’s and boy did she regret it. With her hair going up in flames, the girl had to act quickly to extinguish the fire.

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