A Pigeon Is Drowning In A Pool When An Unlikely Rescuer Appears

A golden retriever truly lives up to its name. The heroic dog rescued a bird drowning in a paddling pool.



Mariana Corti was looking out of the window of her home when she spotted a pigeon struggling in water in their back garden in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 25.

Noticing the commotion, six-year-old Yago ran over to the distressed bird and reach over the edge of the pool.




Gently grabbing it in his mouth, Yago managed to pull the bird to the safety of the grass before leaving it to dry.

Mariana said: “I couldn’t have been prouder. When we woke up, we heard a flutter coming from the patio but when we looked out the window, we saw a pigeon was fighting for its life. Yago was desperate to remove it and by slightly tipping the pool, he managed to reach its wing. Once he’d got it on the floor, he left it alone. When the bird was dry, it flew away.”




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