Best Man Faints To Save Guests From Bridemaid’s Awful Singing

It’s usually an ex-lover or a disgruntled parent who interrupts a wedding ceremony at a special moment, not the groom’s hand-picked best man.



But this US couple’s outdoor ceremony was abruptly cut short after a member of their bridal party fainted at the alter. Not only did this poor guy faint, he fell flat on his face, knocked out his own teeth and fractured his jaw in the process.

A photographer and videographer circulated through the event, as friends and family members performed readings and the couple’s maid of honour, Saung, serenaded them with a love song.




During Saung’s emotional tribute, less than two minutes before Denis and Tyanna were due to say ‘I do’, disaster struck.

Video footage shows Denis and his bride holding hands and staring out at a sea of smiling faces. To the left of them, Saung belts out her ballard, in between tears. To their right is Jestin, seemingly minding his own business. But all is not at it seems.

The groomsman collapsed, head hits the concrete steps with a loud slap, and suddenly the group is faced with an unconscious man as the music continues to play overhead.




Despite the ordeal, the wedding continued, and the groom reported his guests had a fantastic evening.

Luckily, Jestin didn’t suffer a concussion, but he certainly suffered enough.

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