Mother Tells Son There’s An Intruder In The House And Gives Him A Brush For A Weapon

Horrible mother, and honestly not a very nice thing to do to your son, because when you think about it, it’s super uncool to be awakened to the news that there is an intruder in your home and be given a non-weapon to defend yourself with.



Video starts with the mom waking his son up. She can be heard calling his name several times before the young boy woke up.

“Hey get up, somebody’s in the house.” She can be heard telling the kid.




The kid who just woke up can’t seem to process yet what his mom is telling him. She gave him a brush for a weapon, the kid looked more confused this time. She can als be heard telling the kid to “shoot em”.

Kid stayed on the bed while his mom tells him to find the trigger in the brush. The kid seems to be looking for it too.




Well I’m no expert in parenting, but I think waking up a kid to have a bit of fun isn’t good.

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