Sainsbury’s manager disarms knife-wielding robber after he walks up to the counter

A Sainsbury’s shop manager disarmed a knife-wielding robber and pushed him off his counter – after which the thug threw a tantrum, grabbed a beer and walked away.





CCTV footage shows Stefan Clark walking towards the counter at the branch in Trumpington, Cambridgeshire, before mounting it and brandishing a large knife at the member of staff and demanding money. The brave worker then confronts 39-year-old Clark, who drags the knife down his victim’s arm and punches him in the face. Incredibly, the employee grabs the knife from the hooded criminal and shoves him away.



Words are exchanged between the pair, with Clark throwing items from the shelves onto the floor in what seems like a tantrum at having the weapon taken from him. He then seems to give up and walks away.



Clark left the Sainsbury’s store in the afternoon of January 25 with one bottle of beer but later rang police and admitted to attempting to rob the shop. During police interview, he claimed he could not remember exactly what he had done on the day.



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