Woman sends sparks flying as she speeds down a highway on just her wheel rims

A driver on a Texas highway got a dazzling surprise when he spotted a woman speeding along on just the metal rim of her truck’s tire. The driver was heading down the highway in Garland, Texas, on March 8, when he and his passenger noticed sparks flying from beneath the truck in the next lane over.





In a video, which was posted on reddit by ‘Allegged,’ they can be seen in their car, quickly approaching the truck on their right. ‘What are you doing, bud?’ one of the men says, adding ‘Holy s**t’ as soon as he realizes that the sparks are being caused by the truck’s front left wheel rim as it grates against the road, the sound of which can clearly be heard in the clip. ‘Dude,’ the man then asks while their car pulls up level with the RAM truck and see that half of the hub cab has already disintegrated.



After honking to get the truck driver’s attention, the man asks, ‘What is wrong with this woman?’



The video ends with the truck and Allegged’s car turning off the highway.



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