Kid Wrestler Suddenly Goes Full WWE On His Opponent, Who Is Not Ready For It

Even before the surprise body slam, this fight was not a fair match, but it was really just the nail in the coffin.



Footage taken in Hopkinsville, Kentucky shows the two contenders, aged around eight, face each other and shake hands before the action begins.

From the start, a boy wearing a blue outfit, whose name is believed to be Kayden, dominates and quickly pins the other youngster, in black, to the ground. A voice can be heard shouting, ‘Get up, boy!’ – and eventually the child does free himself, before again being held down.




As the voice cries out once more, this time saying, ‘Push up. You can do it!’, he rises but then Kayden takes the match to a whole new level.

He picks up his opponent, slings him over his shoulder – and slams him down hard onto the ground, in full view of the referee. The boy hits his head, sits up, grabs his leg and bursts out crying as a man and woman, possibly his parents, rush over to him.




It is not known whether the boy suffered concussion as a result.

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