Vegetarian flips out after he’s accidentally served meat at McDonald’s

After getting the wrong order twice in a row at the drive-through, a customer unleashed on the employees of a McDonald’s in Aylesford, England.



A vegetarian customer was filmed throwing an epic meltdown after he was served meat in McDonald’s – twice.

Shocked diners watched as the father confronted staff who made the mistakes with his order.




The man, who has not been named but was with a woman and child, flew into a rage after ordering veggie burgers at the drive-thru restaurant in Aylesford, Kent. When staff got his order wrong a second time, the furious customer approached the food counter and demanded to speak to head office.

When another McDonald’s staff member intervened and asked him to be reasonable, the customer repeated it was the ‘second time around’ his order was wrong.




Police officers, who had popped into the restaurant, helped defuse the situation and the man and his family eventually left on empty stomachs on Thursday afternoon.

Customer Jo Dale, who captured the footage on her phone, felt sympathy for the man.

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