Man Falls Out Of Police Car & Tries To Escape, Only To Be Detained Again When His Pants Trip Him Up!

If only he had a belt on.



A hilarious video shows the moment a suspect fell out the back of NYPD patrol car and tried to run away, only to be detained again because his pants fell.

The security footage, taken in 2017 off Bruckner Blvd. in the Bronx, shows the man falling out of the squad car.




He rolled on the ground before jumping up and darting down the street.

An officer is then seen exiting from the vehicle and running after the man, while other vehicles slowed down to observe all the commotion. The suspects pants started falling down as he ran, until they tangled up in his legs and sent him spiraling into the ground.




The officer then apprehended the suspect, while bystanders filmed the spectacle on their phones. The video ended with the man getting detained.

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