Koala Crashes Into Man’s Car To Chill In The Air Conditioning

An Australian man and his dog were surprised to find a koala trying to beat the heat in his air-conditioned car.



Tim Whitrow, a winemaker, was out and about Sunday, sampling some fruit at his family’s vineyard, when an unexpected visitor broke into his car. “I noticed some fluffy ears in the backseat and realised there was koala in the car,” Whitrow told 9News.

Whitrow grabbed his mobile phone and recorded his encounter with the Australian marsupial, which was hesitant to leave the air-conditioned comfort of the vehicle.




After failing to lure the koala from his car with water, Whithrow tried to give it a gentle nudge but was met with an angry swipe from the marsupial. The koala later jumped into the passenger seat and tried to get up on the dash of the car, digging his claws into the leather interior.

Whitrow then managed to get the koala out of his car, before the animal ran off into the sticks.




The winemaker said he’s not going to get the dash fixed, but will leave the claw marks as a memento of the encounter.

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