Guy Shows His Mom And Grandma His Tesla’s Autopark Feature, And Their Reaction Is Absolutely Delightful

Automated parking is cool (who likes parking, anyway?), but we’re really here for the reaction from comedian and singer Lil Duval’s mom.



While his grandma was amazed silently by the whole thing, his mom was absolutely shook by it all.




This is a video of the singer and comedian demonstrating his Tesla’s Autopark feature for his mother and grandmother. They seem impressed, although his mom didn’t originally believe the car would actually be able to maneuver itself into such a tight spot.

Lil Duval is in the driver’s seat shooting the video, while the two women were in the passenger and backseat.




I just feel that this should be a commercial. It more awesome than those with actors. Anyway, word of mouth already sells Tesla. They will tell their friends and their friends with tell their kids and grand kids.

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