Tidy mouse won’t stop cleaning up man’s shed

When Stephen Mckears noticed that plastic clips, nuts and bolts were mysteriously getting put away in his shed, he set up a hidden camera to catch the culprit. The resident of Severn Beach, England, was relieved, although very surprised, to find out that a mouse was actually responsible for the nightly cleanings.



Stephen Mckears, 72, “thought he was going mad” when he first noticed objects were moving around a month ago.

The pensioner decided to empty the tub each night, scattering nuts and bolts across his shed. When he woke up in the morning he discovered the mess had been cleared up.




After weeks of finding large screws, plastic leads, and nuts and bolts neatly filed away, Mr Mckears and his neighbour Rodney Holbrook decided to set up a camera to observe what was happening.

The house-proud rodent was seen picking up a screw in its mouth and putting it in the tub, as well as a large metal clip and pieces of plastic. The tiny mouse even tried to lift objects twice its size.




The rodent had been carrying out the activity every night for around a month.

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