Woman knocks out burly bouncer with a savage kick

This shocking video shows the moment a young woman knocked out a burly bouncer with a kick to the head during a block party in South Carolina. In the clip, a bouncer can be seen pinning a young man to the ground as a number of revellers gather around the pair at the Folly Gras Festival in Folly Beach.



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Taylor Renee Nealey, who has since been arrested, then appears to walk over to the men and begins wildly kicking at the bouncer. The 22-year-old is dragged away by other partygoers at the annual event, which is Mardi Gras-themed, but refuses to give up.



After arguing with a number of people, including the bouncer, she once again appears to kick him this time knocking him unconscious. With the bouncer immobile, the man he was pinning down gets up and walks away, joining Nealey.



As the pair walk away stunned festivalgoers can be heard screaming ‘She kicked him! She kicked him! She knocked him out. Oh s***! What the f***!’



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