Shocking violence as two female thugs punch and kick cowering girl

A shocking video has emerged of two suspected female students attacking a young woman in London in broad daylight. In the alarming clip, the pair brutally kick and punch their victim in a drive-by attack on a residential street as stunned onlookers look on.



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After pummelling the girl in the head, the two assailants then jump into a car and are driven away as their victim is left trembling on the ground. The violent attack took place in Leyton, East London, which is just opposite Leyton Sixth Form College. The incident is believed to have taken place recently. The footage, which was filmed by a bystander, begins midway through the attack as the two young assailants stand on either side of the victim.



They aggressively pull and push the woman before violently throwing her on to the ground. One women kicks the girl in the back while her fellow assailant punches her in the head. At this point, another female rushes to the scene to try to intervene in the fight and break it up.



Then suddenly, a male voice is heard shouting at the assailants and instructs them to get in the car. He yells: ‘Jump in the car! Jump in the car! Get in the f***ing car bruv! P***y! P***y!’ The two women then dash off into the awaiting car and are driven away from the scene – as their terrified victim lies injured on the street.



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