Snowed under! Group of skiers are caught off-guard as they trigger an avalanche

A group of skiers waiting to descend an off-piste slope in the Alps were caught off-guard when they triggered a massive avalanche. A huge mass of loose snow fell beneath their feet and sent the skiers flying down the mountain.



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One skier, who chose not to be named, caught the amazing moment on camera as the ridge of snow gives way. The off-piste skiers near the resort of St Anton in Austria were planning on descending the perilous slope one at a time.



One skier said: ‘We didn’t realise that we already put a ton of pressure on the snow. ‘After the avalanche I was in a bit of a shock and had no clue how many of my friends were buried or not. ‘Happy to be alive I started to search to see if I could find anyone, not knowing if there was anyone underneath the snow.’



None of the skiers were injured in the shocking incident or buried by the snow but a mountain rescue team had to rush to the scene. The skier said the rescue team were surprised by the location of the avalanche as it was a popular route. On the day of the incident, an avalanche report warned of expected avalanches on steep, sunny terrain in the region.



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