Curious cheetahs play football together with a rock

These curious cheetahs took a break from dreaming about their next meal to practice some football skills. The footie felines expertly knocked a rock between them and even attempted a tackle on a dusty track outside the town of Hluhluwe, South Africa.





As world’s fastest land animal, which can run at 69.5mph in three seconds, should cheetahs take to the pitch they would give footballers quite a run for their money. In the amazing video, one of the carnivorous cats dribbles a rock across the dust track with its paws, while its friend lies down nearby. The other then leaps up and makes an expert tackle, snatching the rock from between its paws, before dribbling away. It isn’t known if the soccer starters have learnt to pass yet, or ever scored a goal.



The witness who took the video said: ‘I could see they had a naughty look about them. The same before you pull off a prank. ‘I saw the rock in the road. I saw immediately that that was their target.’ After the big cats game was interrupted, they both headed off into the undergrowth under the light of Africa’s setting sun.



These fierce felines, which grow to between 1.1 and 1.4 meters long, weigh around 34 to 54 kilograms. They live on the plains of sub-Saharan Africa where they hunt rabbits, warthogs, gazelles, and birds among others. Generally, cheetahs will go looking for prey during daylight hours to avoid competition with lions, hyenas and leopards.



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