Cooking up trouble! Disabled man attempts to prepare dinner using prosthetic arm

A disabled model has hilariously showed off the challenges he faces in the kitchen in an ‘instructional’ video. Footage shows him testing out his prosthetic arm’s ability to chop a series of items, some with disastrous consequences.





Chris Ruden, 28, from Coconut Creek, Florida made light of the at-times difficult cooking tasks, and proved he has a sharp sense of humour. He has a congenital birth defect which left him with only two fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm. In the video, Chris tries his hand at chopping up a clove of garlic, but even getting a hold of it proves an issue. Unhappy not to get a firm grasp of the vegetable, he brings the prosthetic down on it in a smashing motion.



But then in a moment of comic relief, Chris brings a jar of minced garlic and drops it onto the chopping board. Not one to submit to the physical challenge, Chris also had a go at cutting chicken and then cracking an egg, which gets a little bit messy.



Despite battling his physical situation for 19 years, Chris is now an elite Powerlifter, entrepreneur, model and motivational speaker. He also deadlifts over 600 pounds and says he is on track to be the world’s strongest competitive adaptive athlete.



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