Guy’s Tesla Autopilot Repeatedly Tries To Crash Him Into A Steel Barrier

If you need further illustration of why you definitely should not sleep while Tesla’s Autopilot drives, this clip is for you.



Reddit user u/beastpilot posted video on the message board site Tuesday showing the terrifying moment his Tesla P3D’s autopilot repeatedly tried steer his vehicle on a collision course with the steel median on an unidentified highway.

U/beastpilot said his autopilot was working fine for the last six months up until recently.




The video he posted seems to show the mechanism veering his sedan towards barriers in the road. During the first clip, the driver disables the autopilot and steers the vehicle to safety before it crashes into a median.

In subsequent attempts, the autopilot steers the Tesla towards the median to the left of the driver, setting off the vehicle’s proximity alarm. The apparent glitch happens at the same point on the same highway.




‘This is very scary, needs to be seen by Tesla and fixed before AP kills somebody,’ one Reddit user says in a reply to the video.

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