Guys Try To Use A Tractor To Pull A Car Out Of A Lake And, Well, It Does Not Go Well

The look on the face of the car’s owner (in the blue camo jacket) tells the story.



A car owner looks on in horror as his beloved car is crushed by the tractor that is meant to be towing it from a lake.




The owner, in a blue jacket, can be seen grabbing his head in his hands as the incident unfolds.

Having come to terms with the fact his car is water damaged from sitting in a lake the owner watches as the car endures yet more damage.




Reversing at some speed the tow tractor backs up towards the car as the crowd shouts for it to slow down.

The tractor which is supposed to tow his car out of the water loses grip on the bank of the lake and smashes back into the car causing additional damage to the body work of the bonnet.

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