Giant cucumber gets into a bit of a pickle in Sydney Harbour

A promotional stunt ended with a giant inflatable cucumber ripping and deflating into the water at Sydney Harbour.





Hendrick’s Gin created the inflatable cucumber (a popular garnish for gin drinks) with the hope that it would float around Sydney Harbour and be seen by some of the 4.4million people who live in the city. Shocked office workers watched as the cucumber floated for a bit before tearing, falling off the pontoon it was on and deflating into the sea.



One person says: ‘It doesn’t look very safe does it?’ A few moments later the cucumber starts to teeter off the edge of the pontoon and the office workers gasp as they watch on. Someone says, ‘It’s going!’, as the cucumber drops into the sea and tears down the middle. Another worker says: ‘Oh no! Oh s**t’.



The workers burst into laughter while they watch the cucumber slowly sink into the sea. As the last part of the cucumber becomes fully submerged one woman says: ‘There goes $80,000’. After the cucumber is finally out of sight the office workers can be heard saying: ‘That’s hilarious’.



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