Man sings Wrecking Ball as he swings on a tyre in a mechanic garage

This is the hilarious moment a die-hard Miley Cyrus fan delivers a performance of the star’s famous Wrecking Ball video on a garage tire swing. Matty Graham, 28, from Bristol, executed a passionate yet unsexy dance as he swung half naked from a tyre attached to a garage’s ceiling.





Choosing to stay true to the original video Matt stripped down to his underpants for the video, taken on February 17. Matt even took the performance one step further than Miley by hanging upside down in mid-air while holding onto the tyre with his feet.



After the exhausting performance Matty is seen looking rather queasy outside as he recovers from the spinning of the tyre. He takes a moment to drink some water and regain his breath while his friend laughs hysterically.



The footage was taken by Lew Guy who runs a limo rental service from the garage.



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