Dog walker falls into bushes afetr trying to close the front door

This is the moment a dog walker got stuck in a garden bush after pulling the handle off his front door during strong winds. Sam Green from St Annes, Lancashire, was filmed by his doorbell losing a tug-of-war with the wind as he tried to close the front door to his house.





The father-of-two lost his balance after the handle came away in his hand and then stumbled backwards out of control, fell over Poppy, one of his dogs, and landed bottom-first in his garden bush. To make matters worse, he couldn’t get up, and the video shows an amused passer-by haul him to his feet. The whole incident was caught by Mr Green’s Nest doorbell app which alerted the rest of the family to the ‘motion’ by sending them the clip, on Thursday.



Moments later, he got a text message from his youngest son, Alex, 26, jokingly asking if he was OK. Alex had received a notification on his smartphone from the Nest doorbell app, alerting him to motion detection at the front door.



He was able to watch the hilarious clip on his phone and decided to share his father’s embarrassment with the rest of the family. Mr Green said he is now the ‘family laughing stock’, but has also seen the funny side of his calamitous fall.



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