Ambidextrous man draws perfect picture while facing the other way

This man takes being ambidextrous to another level as he uses both hands to draw behind his back without even looking at what he is doing. Facing away from a blackboard in Bangalore he uses two pieces of chalk to draw impressively similar faces.





The video shows the man displaying his ability to use both hands at the same time. And, with his back to a blackboard and facing the camera, he reaches behind his back to get to the board behind his head. Wearing a green hat, glasses and sporting a moustache the man begins to draw. As he starts it almost looks like he is drawing around his own outline as the shape of the drawing takes its time to appear.



Drawing two curvy lines down the middle of the board it is difficult at first to make out what it is. But suddenly the seemingly random chalk lines morph into two identical faces staring at each other. The faces of two women appear complete with hair and even hoop earrings.



Without looking the man is able to join the lines that need to be joined and leave the correct amount of space where space is needed. And incredibly the eyes line up meaning the two women are staring directly at each other.



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