Vegan Influencer Caught Eating Fish While She’s Still Selling Raw Vegan Detox Meal Plans

Yovana Mendoza Ayres, 29, a vegan influencer is being condemned by her 3m followers for faking her lifestyle and making money off of it after she was caught eating fish.



Her lifestyle brand Rawvana promotes plant-based living and sells meal plans and weight loss programs, including a 21-day raw challenge ($99). A friend’s YouTube video show she was eating fish in Bali and trying to hide it.




Soon after fans started calling her out, Ayres post a lengthy explanation in a video titled “This is what is happening.” She said she changed her diet after years of significant health problems that culminated with doctors urging her to eat more food, including protein and eggs.

She said she became a raw vegan six years ago and her period had stopped after completing a 25-day water fast in 2014. she was diagnosed as pre-menopausal, and she was borderline anemic and yeast infection won’t heal.




Doctors told her she needed to gain weight; a nutritionist friend told her to eat more protein and fat. She kept her new diet a secret from her followers and continued to sell her weight loss programs.

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