Turkey Stands Guard In Road Until His Friends Cross Safely

Of all the human behaviours we attribute to Mother Nature’s finest, this male turkey standing guard as his younger companions cross the road has to be one of the cutest examples.



An authoritative turkey was caught on camera by a passing driver, Donald Pomerleau, who had to stop in the road while the male turkey played lollypop person until the animal followed its fellow fowl off the roadway and to safety.




The gobbly gentlebird was filmed behaving like a stern crossing guard on a busy two-way road in Litchfield, New Hampshire. The puffed out bird follows a few of his feathered friends but stops near the double yellow lines to look down the road as others pass by.

He proceeds to stand in the same spot and stare down the oncoming traffic until the last of the turkey troop – which numbers at least a dozen birds – passes him by to get safe and sound on the other side.




It seems to work, as the cars stop dead in the middle of the road, before he calmly turns to follow his avian companions – likely to be a group of females or male young – off the asphalt and to relative safety on the other side of the road.

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