Driver Intentionally Brake Checks Cyclist, Loses Rear Window

Stupid driver films himself brake checking a cyclist who crashes into the back of the car and puts his head through the rear window.


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In the 19 second clip, the driver films the cyclist before slamming on his brakes.

The driver first spots the cyclist riding on the pavement. The cyclist can then be seen looking over his left shoulder in order to check for oncoming traffic.




The driver smiles while changing the angle of the camera. He then switches it back to its original position and puts his foot firmly on the brake.

The cyclist hit and bounce off the car, leaving a hole in the rear window. He looks up then brush pieces of glass out of his hair and off his jacket.




The driver can be seen smirking throughout the video even though the cyclists looks visibly injured. He shouts out of the window asking the cyclists if he’s alright.

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