Octopus Sees Free Diver, Immediately Turns To The Color Of Ocean Floor!

“You think you’ve seen me? Well, try again.”



Now here’s something you don’t see caught on video too often. An octopus who can change its color is a common occurrence and they are skilled in the art of color change, but what makes this clip so interesting is the way the octopus instantly changes its color to match the sandy sea floor after being threatened by the scuba diver. It’s almost like we’re watching a chameleon but instead in the sea world.




We see it using its skill to camouflage which ultimately can be used to startle and warn potential predators in their undersea realm. In this case, its a scuba diver but if it were a shark or another large sea predator, this skill of color change would be vital for the octopus to escape and survive.




The video was recorder on January this year at Dauin, Philippines.

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