Keanu Reeves Went On Road Trip With Strangers After Getting Stranded

When he’s not dodging bullets in “The Matrix” or shooting dozens of people in “John Wick,” Keanu is an extremely chill dude, who happily took the bus with everyone else when their flight got cancelled.



As reported by Yahoo! Movies, Reeves was on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles over the weekend when it had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, 100 miles away from its intended destination.

Instead of getting his own private helicopter out of there though, the John Wick/Bill and Ted actor rallied his fellow passengers and formed a plan to go on a road trip. I mean, how cool can one man get?!




People on the flight with him immediately took to social media to shout about Reeves’ gentlemanly behaviour, with one posting a compilation of videos showing how he handled the whole situation.

In one clip, the actor can be seen surrounded by the other passengers, advising them to ‘hit the road’ with him to avoid a huge three hour wait for their baggage. The actor then forms a plan for everyone to get a bus to LA.




Once on the road trip, Reeves makes it his mission to keep everyone on the bus entertained by reading out a whole host of Bakersfield trivia (because why not?) and playing some ‘Bakersfield Sound’ on YouTube.

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