Don’t Dare A Snake To Bite Your Tongue

There’s already lot of these instant regret videos involving a snake available on the internet, and yet people still attempt stupid stunts.


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Footage from Makassar, Indonesia starts with a man blowing into a snake’s head while holding it. He seems to be instructing a boy how to do it.




After a few seconds, a young boy can be seen taunting a snake by sticking his tongue out at it while his friend holds it close to his face.

I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve here, but the snake was way too close to the boy. Not surprisingly, this results in the reptile latching onto the kid’s tongue, teaching him a valuable (if not obvious) lesson.




People can be heard laughing in thr background as the boy struggles to remove the snake latching onto his mouth. Once he was able to remove it, blood can be seen pouring from where the snake bit him.

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