Spirit slams heavy door after being taunted by ghost hunter

This is the moment a ghost hunter claims he taunted a ‘territorial’ teacher’s spirit prompting her to slam a heavy door despite it being propped open by a 20lb doorstop.





The eerie footage shows Tony Ferguson urging any ghoulish schoolchildren in the supposedly haunted former Victorian schoolroom to make their presence known. The 33-year-old claims staff at Manor Farm in Bursledon, Hampshire, where the old schoolroom is located, warned him not to goad the apparition as she has been known to spook visitors.



And he even thinks he spotted her earlier on his visit after a ‘Nanny McPhee’-style figure walked past him but sadly he didn’t capture that moment on camera. Nevertheless, Mr Ferguson ignored the staff’s warning and is caught on camera asking: ‘If there’s any children here, can you make a massive banging noise to show us where you are?’



But suddenly the heavy wooden door slams shut loudly, which the paranormal investigator believes was the teacher attempting to reassert her authority and warn him to leave.



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