Stomach-churning moment king cobra spits out monitor lizard

This is the stomach-churning moment a snake regurgitates a large lizard after being chased out of a home in India. Prafulla Sahu a resident of Buguda in eastern India, was terrified when he spotted a huge snake inside his house on March 24.





Although he couldn’t identify the snake, he knew that it was very big and could potentially be dangerous. He called a local Snake Helpline volunteer, Harish Padhy. Mr Padhy expertly caught the 13-feet long king cobra and then took it to a nearby forest in the presence of forest officials. As the men watched in surprise, the snake regurgitated a monitor lizard tail first.



The king cobra was then keen to get away, swimming across a pond before vanishing. Snake Helpline founder Subhendu Malik said: ‘Though king cobra is known for eating other snakes, it also occasionally preys on other animals like monitor lizards.’



Snakes usually regurgitate when stressed as it helps them to make a quick getaway.



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