Daredevil films his flight as he paraglides over a live volcano

This is the awe-inspiring moment an adrenaline junkie went paragliding over an erupting volcano. Thrill-seeker Horacio Llorens Fernandez, 36, took the footage while flying over the active Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala earlier this year.





The Madrid-born paragliding pilot took off from the top of the nearby inactive Acatenango volcano but didn’t expect to get so up close and personal with the natural spectacle. Footage shows him jumping off from the inactive volcano before he soars through the sky. He twirls around to capture a 360 degree shot of the landscape and volcanoes he is gliding between.



Looking every inch relaxed, Mr Fernandez crosses his legs mid air as though he is reclining on a sofa. As he descends he lifts his camera up for an upwards shot of the active volcano which is seen spewing plumes of ash.



The footage ends with him looking above the clouds at the scenery below. Mr Fernandez has been paragliding since the age of 14, and said it had always been a dream of his to fly around Volcan de Fuego.



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