Driver Shuts Down ICE Agents Trying To Arrest Immigrants In His Car Without The Required Warrant

Bryan MacCormack works with the Columbia County Sanctuary Project in New York, and as such, he’s well-versed in the laws surrounding ICE’s legal powers — which came as a surprise to the ICE agents who tried to arrest the undocumented immigrants in MacCormack’s car.



MacCormack, executive director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, said the March 5 incident in Hudson, Columbia County, with a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer will hopefully help people facing deportation by ICE understand their rights.




The video shows MacCormack debating the law with the ICE officer near the Hudson courtroom where MacCormack had two immigrants in the backseat and was helping them with their legal cases.

He explains to the officer that he would need a judicial warrant signed by a judge to search the vehicle and passengers, and he calls his attorney, putting him on speakerphone during the brief incident.




MacCormack said local police were then called to help with the situation. MacCormack’s attorney then showed up and ICE ultimately left.

He contended local police shouldn’t have even got involved because the ICE officer didn’t have a judicial warrant, and Hudson has declared itself a sanctuary city, which means it won’t enforce certain federal immigration laws.

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