Guy Gets Stuck In Rental Car In Hail Storm, And Well, We Hope He Had Rental Insurance

The hailstones ranged “from golf ball to orange sizes” and the impacts rained glass shards all over the driver.



According to the Youtube video description, the driver had just completed a video shoot and was heading home when he noticed that the clouds were becoming very dark.

As he drove further, he noticed that cars were pulling over on the right side of the road and realized it was a hail storm.




When he was pulling to the side of the road he heard the tornado sirens going off and his main concern was that there was going to be a tornado and he needed to get to shelter. It then started hailing ranging from golf ball to orange sizes. No one was moving in front of him and people trying to get off the highway were blocking his way back.

The hail started breaking the front windshield and shards of glass were going all over his hands and arms. He put the visor down to eliminate any major blow out in his face.




He said it felt like an hour but was only 10 mins. In the entire video you will see several cars he captured with windows busted out.

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