Man is lifted 13ft into the air while clinging to a cafe umbrella

A man trying to secure a huge patio-style cafe umbrella during high winds on a street in Turkey got more than he bargained for after it lifted him 13ft (4m) off the ground as it blew away.





Footage shows two men sitting at a small table in the southern province of Osmaniye when the awning starts flapping wildly. As they rush over to secure the umbrella, which is moving around dangerously on a wheeled platform, a third man Sadik Kocadalli joins in to help them. The trio place their feet on the base but then the whole apparatus suddenly takes off. While the other two men step back onto the ground, Mr Kocadilli grips on to the umbrella pole for dear life as he disappears up and away from view.



He was lifted about 13ft before he jumped off and miraculously survived the ordeal without any injuries. ‘I’m fine actually. After I realised the umbrella was going to keep going up, I jumped off. I think I rose 3 or 4 metres,’ he said.



Another man, however, was injured after the flying umbrella fell on him. Mehmet Ali Bicakci was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken foot and ribs.



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