Heart-stopping moment cyclist smacks head-first off car windscreen

This is the shocking moment a teenage cyclist collides head-on with an oncoming car before picking himself up apparently none the worse for wear. The youngster hurtled out of a blind junction and crashed into the bonnet of a moving car.



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Daniel Cartwright’s dashcam caught the dramatic incident on Thursday morning in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire. The video shows Mr Cartwright driving through Bramcote in his Vauxhall Astra when he took a right turn. Mr Cartwright slowly approaches a junction in what is a tight country road with another vehicle approaching him further up the road.



Suddenly a cyclist comes flying out of the junction from the left hand side and smashes into Mr Cartwright’s car. The youngster is sprawled across the windscreen and bumper as the cyclist hit the car at some speed.



Miraculously the young cyclist gets off the bumper and is standing on two feet clearly confused as to what had just happened. Mr Cartwright said there will be a sizeable fee of up to £500 to repair the damaged caused to his car.



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