Ouch! Woman does a spectacular belly flop when she dives off towering cliffs into the sea

This is the stomach-smacking moment a plucky woman leaps from the top of a cliff and belly flops on to the water. A nasty thud can be heard as the blue bikini-clad jumper slaps down into the sea causing an almighty splash.



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And as she falls through the air to the backdrop of the stunning Cinque Terre Italian coastline, startled onlookers appear to scream as they realise the woman is going to hit the water on her belly. The four-second clip begins by showing the woman perching on the edge of a high cliff poised to propel herself off.



She pushes off and hurtles towards the water, flailing her arms and legs about wildly. A whooping noise can be heard coming from spectators, but it sounds like their cheers turn into panicked screams as it becomes clear the woman is about to land on her front.



When she splashes down into the sea, a circle of whitewash erupts around her and crashes back into the water, causing ripples.



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