Armed Police Storm House To Rescue Unvaccinated Boy With 40 Degree Fever

Video footage has emerged showing armed police storming into a house in order to rescue a two-year-old boy whose parents hadn’t vaccinated him.



Police officers descended on the family home in Chandler, Arizona, with their guns drawn because they believed the child to have an extremely high fever.




A doctor had contacted the police after the child’s parents ignored his advice to take him to the hospital – because they say his fever broke shortly afterwards.

In Arizona, legislation has been passed to allow law officials to remove children from their homes in emergency situations. However, the family’s attorney has branded using it in this instance as ‘ridiculous’.




After an initial home visit whereby the boy’s father refused to let police come into the home to check on the boy, police came back later with a search warrant and forced their way inside after the family didn’t answer.

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