Man Dressed As Batman Is Turned Away By Police After Offering Help

The only reasonable explanation for why you would be driving around dressed as Batman would be because you were going to a kids party, right? Wrong, there’s another very fair justification – helping the police fight crime, obviously.


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The incident was caught on camera in Kelowna, British Columbia, when the man in disguise jumped out of his Batmobile (black truck complete with additional Batman logo) to go and help the police.




The hero was dressed to impress in the full Batman attire – cape, mask, six pack and all.

He strode over to the group of officers – who were clearly dealing with an emergency – and presumably offered his help.




Just as quickly as he got to the officers, he was turned away and could be seen walking back across the street looking rather fed up. Good job his mask was hiding his humiliated expression.

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