Dad Forces Weeping Son To Smash Playstation 4 As Punishment

Once upon a time punishment dished out by parents could attract the attention of those within crying distance. Now with social media, parents looking to make an example out of their kids can do it to a potential audience of millions.



What was about to happen, the kid will never forget, not because of the trauma but because his dad uploaded it to YouTube.




Tre Cosby got fed up with his son playing on his PlayStation 4 after being told not to for getting bad grades at school.

In the video, the kid can be seen beating the console wrapped in plastic with a stick. The father then picks up a boulder and drops it on the console. He then tries to pass the boulder to his son, who isn’t strong enough to hold it and drops down on to the PlayStation again.




Later on, Cosby gets into his car and reverses over the playstation.

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