Today’s Hero Is A Turkish Shopkeeper Who Resuscitated A Suffocating Stray Puppy

They say cats have nine lives, but a puppy in Turkey may have a few of its own.



Omer Yilmaz, a shopkeeper in Turkey fed a stray pup a piece of sausage, when the piece got stuck in its throat.




The man saw the puppy couldn’t breathe, dropped to his knees and put his finger down the little dog’s throat. He removed the piece of sausage from the pup’s mouth and started to perform C.P.R. on the unconscious animal.

The shopkeeper said that he could feel its mother’s gaze begging him to bring her baby back to health. After a few breaths and splashes of water, the puppy was brought back from the brink.




The shopkeeper said it was impossible not to act in that moment of life or death.

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