Guy Has Unbelievable Reaction Time, Narrowly Avoiding A Dangerously Dumb Driver

Somehow this driver escaped without a single scratch, contacting neither the car nor the barrier.


This is the moment a US driver narrowly avoids crashing into a car that pulls out in front of him on a freeway near Scottsdale, Arizona.




Dash-cam footage from March 25 shows the driver, Josh West, swerving just in time to dodge a car performing a dangerous overtake. West then skids down the highway and rattles from side to side as he tries to regain control of his truck.

“This frickin’ sucks! What was that?” a voice can be heard saying in the video after the incident.




West said: “I was traveling south on the Arizona 101 from Scottsdale toward Mesa. I was in a 2000 GMC Sierra Truck. Someone swerves into my lane to avoid rear ending someone else. I’m able to recover and by some miracle I got out of the whole thing without a scratch, contacting neither the car or the wall. Several seconds later, another accident almost happens to my right between two other cars. This experience has taught me to clean my dashboard and always pay attention to adjacent lanes.”

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