Mentally ill inmate viciously beaten inside California prison

A video showing a mentally ill jail inmate being beaten and tased by corrections officers in California has been released after a $1.4million class action settlement. Abuse allegations led to the firings of three officials at the Auburn Main Jail in Auburn, California, but officials then tried to keep the records of the incidents from the public.





One video showed the assault on mentally ill inmate Beau Bangert. The video was released by civil rights attorney Mark Merin after a fighting to unseal footage that led Placer County to settle the class action by nearly 500 former inmates, according to the Sacramento Bee. Beau Bangert was placed on suicide watch, and the cell camera shows the disturbed man in a fighting stance, laughing, before Placer County sheriff’s officials rush him with a plastic body shield, smashing him into the wall. After bashing him several times, four corrections officers grab him, put him in a choke hold and tell him to get on the ground as they wrestle with him.



Bangert, not fighting back but not getting to the ground either, is then brutally punched and kicked by one officer, and Tased by another. Four more officers then enter the tiny cell, one of them adding kicks, before they are able to bring him face down to the floor. The video then cuts to the restrained Bangert still laying on the floor with a ‘spit mask,’ a type of mesh bag, placed over his head before they lift him up and remove him from the cell, a patch of blood visible on the tiles.



He is then placed in a ‘safety chair’ in the office area surrounded by officers while a medical technician of some kind appears in the frame. After he his locked to the chair, he is wheeled back into the tiny cell before one officer holding a plastic shield before him enters with another holding a camera. The shield is held over the face of Bangert as the jail official removes the spit mask and the other one records images of his face. He is then left alone without medical attention before the clip ends.



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