Security scare for Pope Francis as man runs at king’s car in Morocco

A man charged towards the car the King of Morocco Mohammed VI was travelling in, in the same motorcade as Pope Francis today. Dramatic live footage from the North African country’s state broadcaster showed security guards quickly seize the man.





King Mohammed’s open-top car was travelling alongside the Pope’s vehicle in Rabat during his two-day visit. The papal car pulled out in front and as the King continued to wave, the man who appeared to be holding a note darted towards it. The Pope’s visit to the 99 per cent Muslim country is to boost interfaith dialogue.



Improving relations with other religions has been a priority for the Argentine pontiff, whose papacy has been marred by a wave of child sex abuse allegations against clergy. Addressing thousands of Moroccans who had braved the rain to attend the welcome ceremony, Francis said it was ‘essential to oppose fanaticism’.



He stressed the need for ‘appropriate preparation of future religious guides’, ahead of meeting trainee imams later today.



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