Filipino waiter delivers food on hover-unicycle

Delivering takeaways all day might not sound like the most glamorous job, but one waiter in the Philippines has certainly added a touch of style by gliding around on a hover unicycle. The waiter was spotted in Angeles City in Pampanga, the Philippines, as he showed of his impeccable balance while riding down a city street.



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Laden with bags full of food to be delivered, the waiter has to be careful about weight distribution because just one wrong move could cause a fall. He seems to effortlessly float past the person filming the scene without wavering. While moving down the street he weaves out of the way of parked cars without even wobbling. Towards the end of the clip the waiter can be seen grinning at someone behind him while he continues to manoeuvre his hover unicycle with ease.



Onlooker Clark Macasio said: ‘I was riding a jeepney bus (a common mode of transportation in the Philippines) then we saw him behind. ‘His ability to balance is amazing. It’s like a futuristic kind of delivery.’ And this isn’t the first restaurant to use a futuristic food delivery service.



The Latitude Cafe & Lounge in Ibadan, south-west Nigeria, sees all of its waiters use hoverboards while serving customers. The cafe believe that introducing a modern twist on table service will serve as a competitive edge over competing businesses in the area.



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