Four-year-old nails impressive basketball shot while at playground

A little boy has the makings of an NBA star if this video is anything to go by. Four-year-old Calvin Shannon is seen in a park in Westerville, Ohio. And about 30ft away is a mini basketball hoop.



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He focuses and throws a small ball on a perfect trajectory hitting its mark in a stunning trick shot. His father, Mike, then exclaims: ‘Oh, swoosh!’. At this point, a nonchalant Calvin runs over to play with a football, as his mother, Heather, says, ‘Good job!’. Mr Shannon beckons his wonderboy over and says, ‘Give me five. Good throw, Mario.’ (Possibly a reference to the videogame character, which Calvin has dressed up as on Halloween.)



The little boy’s trick shot is by no means a fluke. Indeed, his proud father has been documenting his son’s basketball skills for some time now. Calvin even has his own YouTube channel where he performs a variety of amazing basketball, baseball, football and frisbee shots.



One of the videos caught the eye of the Harlem Globetrotters, the legendary exhibition basketball team, who wanted to meet Calvin, 10 WBNS reported. And sure enough, he did meet them last year and even they were dazzled by his skills.



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