Shocking video shows boyfriend beat up girlfriend after a prank

A shocking video shows the moment a 17-year-old boy in Texas mercilessly beats his girlfriend for playing a breakup prank on him but both claim that its really no big deal. The video since deleted by its original poster has made its round on various social media platforms, with folks demanding answers and that the aggressive teen winds up behind bars.



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In the brief clip, the girl’s boyfriend can be heard telling her not to touch him after she has pulled the breakup prank where she told him she no longer wanted to be with him. She laughs at him and asks the 17-year-old if he is mad. ‘You don’t believe me,’ he asks the girl, who puts her hand on his thigh as if to brace herself. She retorts ‘I don’t care,’ and almost immediately, the teen punches her in the face and pounces on her. The Waco, Texas, resident viciously punches her, leaving her defenseless and screaming that it is a ‘prank.’



Someone bursts into the room and tells them that they need to ‘chill’ and relax but the teen states: ‘Stop playing with me bro.’ He gathers his things and then exits the room as his battered girlfriend tearfully goes to turn off the camera. Many versions of the video have been circulated and both of the teens were immediately verified on their social media pages.



But users were in disbelief to see that not only had the girl forgiven but that both she and her boyfriend were bragging about the publicity. Both took to their Instagram stories and shared then deleted their various thoughts about the beating.



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