Man Looking For Lost Kitty Finds It In The Most Unlikely Of Places

“Don’t look at me, master. It was all her idea.”



A Chinese man found his adorable ‘missing kitten’ hidden under his dog’s ear.

Qi Le, who lives in the city of Yingkou City, Liaoning, gently lifted his golden retriever’s floppy ear to reveal the snoozing ginger kitten. He had searched everywhere for the kitten, only realising where it might be hiding after spotting a strange movement under his dog’s ears.




In the charming video, Qi leans towards his dog which has its head comfortably nestled on its paws while lounging on the bright blue sofa.

He lifts up its floppy ear and squeals, spotting the tiny kitten wrapped up warm and sleeping next to the dog’s head.




The dog seems completely unconcerned to have its species’ enemy nestled under its ear.

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