Anti-Vegan Protester Arrested After Eating Raw Squirrel In Street

An anti-vegan protester has been arrested after eating a raw squirrel before disgusted onlookers at a vegan market.



Gruesome footage has gone viral which shows the unnamed man eating the uncooked, decapitated squirrel at the Soho Vegan Market on Rupert Street, London.

The protester is YouTuber who goes by the name Sv3rige and is sometimes known as Goatis. He has over 66,000 subscribers and often uploads video content expressing his dislike of the vegan diet.




In the footage, Sv3rige can be seen chewing on the exposed innards of the still furry squirrel.

Signalling his strong stance against veganism, Sv3rige appeared to have been wearing a woodcock around his neck as well as a vest top bearing the slogan, ‘VEGANISM = MALNUTRITION’.




Other footages shows him speaking with police officers and being cuffed and put into the back of a police van.



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