Another Passenger Detained For Tossing Coins At Plane For Good Luck

This is why there are warning labels on everything.



31-year-old man surnamed Xia tossed the coins from the jet bridge as he was boarding the flight with his family at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Hubei province. 3 coins were found on the ground near the engine and a security guard informed airline staff.




Hainan Airlines flight 7783 departing for Urumqi – Xinjiang was delayed for 40 minutes, affecting 101 passengers on the plane. Xia has been detained for 10 days.




Xia later told police that his mother-in-law insisted that he must threw coins on the ground to pray for a safe flight, since it was his four-month-old daughter’s first flight. However they can’t reach the ground on the boarding gate. He seized the chance to toss the coins when he and his wife walked down the jet bridge.

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